Sunday, October 19, 2014


The Delicious Barbell Cake 
Here are some touching pictures of my Relocation Celebration to Arizona..

The Barbell Cake was Amazing!

Being Roasted

My Bestie, Toni, and her daughter, Olivia and son, R. J.

Me and my Business Partner & Mentor Kevin Richardson

Yes!!! I DID eat the cake! With my 'starter' mentor, Mark Wicks

Mark Wicks and I after my 'roast'

Geronimo Davidson...a great trainer and friend

Toni on the left and Ali on the right - relationships over 25 years!

This woman, April Pinnock, not only a friend, but my very first
 competitive figure model! So proud!

Always good to have a man of the cloth in your corner,
Rev. Terry Watson
Grateful and feeling overwhelmingly blessed


  1. congratulation. you are such a strong woman not just physically. it feels really nice to see people like you exist. keep being you because you are amazing

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