About Jamil

Personal trainer and fitness instructor for 15 years, motivational teacher, bodybuilder, nutritional therapist, personalized dietary coach and the recipient of 7 WNBF/INBF Bodybuilding trophies - and she's just getting started!

Jamil's tenacity and determination towards helping her clients achieve fitness goals makes her a much sought after trainer. Paying close attention to detail in training and dedication to her business is also a Jamil 'trademark' as clients flock to her for her result-driven knowledge of fitness, nutrition and exercise principles.  Although her training is intense, it will leave you feeling invigorated, strong and accomplished! Taking your fitness to 'another' or 'next level' is a complete understatement under Jamil's superior training.

Her clientele include: stay-at-home and expectant moms; athletes; clients who want to lose and gain weight, firm and tone or achieve lean muscle mass, figure models and bodybuilders, as well as clients who want to compete or even 'look like' they compete; doctors, entertainment professionals, and people who've never before set foot in a gym. Infusing a 30-minute high intensity-result producing, strength based workout with a personalized nutrition program (NO CARDIO NECESSARY), your life will never be the same under Jamil's unique training techniques.  She makes her 'home' in easily accessible midtown Manhattan. 

She's a mother of two, a grandmother of seven - and an award-winning bodybuilder at age 55.   Let her help you transform your life and get the body you've always dreamed of!

To faithfully get fit click to contact Jamil Miller

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