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Training your body to achieve all around lean muscle mass takes dedication and consistency. Allowing your muscles to adequately repair and recover in-between workouts is also paramount to reaching your goals because while training, you literally are making tiny 'tears' in your muscles. It's almost like breaking them down to build them up.  In your recovery process is where they rebuild and grow and get stronger. Nothing to be alarmed about at all....just necessary. Sometimes the 'burn' (lactic acid build up) that you feel when you are training your muscles will make you want to stop....all the more reason why a trainer is necessary. 

I am hands-on with all my clients - in the most professional way. Being an extremely visual trainer, I am able to see what your threshold is. With my training and personalized nutrition plan, helping you maximize your overall strength - with correct form and weight - you will see results in a matter of weeks!

Below is a compilation of client Lex B. demonstrating LEG workouts and a training journey with a now figure model PRO competitor, Dareni W.!


Training your legs is a challenge in and of itself. Because your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps comprise the biggest muscles on your body, it is important to train them well. Here we see client Lex B. demonstrating a dumbbell squat, firing all the aforementioned muscles and adding weight to the exercise, thereby increasing muscle growth even more. 

Using the 45° angled leg press is another way to fire those glutes, hams and quads, but also, hip flexors are involved a bit more as well. Being careful not to 'lock out' the knees at the top of the movement, client Lex B. shows how the leg press is used.


Dareni's FIRST time on stage:  she won the Novice Figure AND the Open Figure class = PRO COMPETITOR!!!! With dedication, hard work, never missing a training session, food preparation, countless hours of posing, Dareni walked on that stage and captured TWO titles in her very first show on Saturday, July 25th at the Tempe Theatre of the Arts.  Becoming a pro athlete is never easy, but with persistence and drive, nothing is impossible!  We look forward to many more shows to WIN!!!


Only 3 weeks shy of the Arizona State Championship, Dareni W. is still hard at work.  Consistently training and staying true to her 'diet', Dareni is sure to make the judges heads turn at the upcoming competition. Can't show ALL the details, but posing is just as important as the training:

 She is SURE to make an impression as a figure model - everywhere she goes!

One of the highlights of personal training is training a client to compete - whether it's bodybuilding, figure or physique - being involved in transforming a person's physique in a certain time frame is an amazing experience - every time. Below is one of my client, Dareni W., who will be competing in her first Arizona State Championship courtesy of the WNBF/INBF in July, 2015. dedication, determination and consistency is what makes her a winner already! Follow us as we get ready for this enormous event!

In order to prepare efficiently so that she is flawless on stage, I train specigic muscle groups on an average of 3 times per week. These videos, showcasing her biceps, triceps on one day and legs on another, give you an idea of the intensity involved. More to come....

And then came the chest and shoulders....below I am training Dareni's chest with lying cable flys - to hit those upper and lower pecs (depending at which position your arms come across your chest) - here, I am training the upper pecs, right beneath her collar bone:

Stay tuned.....

Here's the 'champ' in Februart, 2015

...and here she is two months later - April. 2015 - consistency,  dedication and commitment to her nutrition and exercise pays off....and she's still NOT finished!

...and here she is today....after only two months of dedication and commitment to nutrition and exercise!

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  1. Jamil wow! I am impressed at both you and your client. You too are getting amazing results. Inspires me to train and eat better. Kudos to you both.